We kicked off our fundraising initiative in August 2016.

The focus of this initial fundraising effort will be to secure the capital necessary to purchase a suitable property to house Inland Sea Foundation facitlities.  This facility will be the home of a joint venture of commercial, residential, and educational projects.

Inland Sea Village

The Inland Sea Foundation has purchased two properties in West Pensacola. One zoned commercial and the other zoned high density residential, adjacent to one another.

Inland Sea village is a proposed multi-home neighborhood that will be built on the residential zoned property with small businesses and work shops to be built on the adjacent commercial property. We have already purchased a small building to be used as the initial development offices.

The residential development will be gated and comprised of a recreation center, projected 15-20, fully handicapped accessible, 2 bedroom cottages of approximately 600-750 square feet. The recreation center will be home to workshops, therapy rooms, movie nights and other community activities to keep residents engaged.

The commercial development adjacent to Inland Sea Village currently has an operating hair salon. Greenhouses and workshops to provide employment to those residents who are able to work will be built. Proceeds from these businesses will be used to maintain the community and the services available to residents.

Inland Sea Foundation is committed to see this project completed. We need all the help we can get and have been very fortunate to have local benefactors contributing to our efforts. We are currently seeking $200,000 in donations to build the recreation center. Our target is to break ground in the spring of 2020. Any donation will be put to work making this happen.

Click here to make your tax deductible donation in any amount to give individuals with disabilities a safe place to call home.