It's all about making a difference 

That's what Inland Sea Aquaponics is about.  Making a difference in the the community, making a difference in the life of an individual with special needs.

As young people with disabilities age out of the school system, the question many families ask is, OK, now what? Many families face this dilemma not just in northwest Florida, but all over the country.  Some of these young people with disabilities may qualify for social security, some may go to work doing menial jobs, and some may just not be able to function in a structured work environment and will be homebound for the remainder of their lives, or worse be institutionalized. 

Inland Sea Aquaponics will reach out to many of these individuals, to provide meaningful, interesting and productive work that is structured to their abilities and give them a career path that suits thier needs and enables and empowers them to succeed in the workforce.